We strive for Customer Satisfaction!!!

Customer Satisfaction is a standard set for any business to improve its quality along with productivity. It is because of the understanding of the Customer Satisfaction concept that businesses today are able to supply quality products. In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent responded that they found a customer satisfaction metric very useful in managing and monitoring their businesses.


       Let us learn the few reasons:

  1. 1.    It is an important indicator of customer’s repurchase.
    Customer satisfaction is the only useful indicator of how likely a customer will make a purchase in the future. Asking customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 is a good way to see if they will become repeat customers or even advocates. If he’s satisfied with the product, he’s sure to make the purchase in the future. For example, if he happens to rate above 7, then definitely he is a long term customer. Customers rating you below 6 are a warning that you need to work on so and so appropriate field.
  2. 2.    Makes you stand out of the rest.
    In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator. Businesses who succeed in these types of cut-throat environments are the ones that make customer satisfaction a key element of their business strategy.
  3. 3.    It helps you calculate Customer Lifetime Value.
    Satisfaction plays an inevitable role in how much revenue a customer can generates for your business. Successful businesses understand the importance of customer lifetime value (CLV).
  4. 4.    No badmouth about the company.
    McKinsey found that an unhappy customer tells between 9-15 people about their experience. In fact, 13% of unhappy customers tell over 20 people about their experience. It will definitely affect your business’s prestige. Customer satisfaction is closely linked to revenue and repeat purchases.

    1. 5.    It is good to hold onto customers than to acquire new ones.
      It costs more to acquire new customers than to retain the current ones. You and your marketing team spend thousands of bucks getting the attention of prospects, nurturing them into leads and closing them into sales. Hence it is advisable to hold onto current and loyal customers.

An Insight of Iphone 6 and 6+

An Insight of Iphone 6 and 6+

The ever favourite brand known for its revolutionary gadgets, Apple Inc. recently put an end to the suspense over its flagship smartphone. The Iphone6 and Iphone6+, both were unveiled to the curious eyes of onlookers with a few other gadgets. The phone as expected packs a punch, both in the field of design and technology. Apple’s foray into building larger and wider screen smartphones just makes it an irresistible device to own, which is evident from the 4 million plus pre-orders it has received within a week of its unveiling.

Firstly, to discuss, the performance of the phone is what everybody prefers to know first. Apple has stayed with its inseparable brilliant performance that comes with its device. The newly launched smartphones feature the A8 processor, which is claimed to be 30% smaller in size, whereas the boost in graphics and CPU performance has gone up by 50% and 20% respectively. Now that means, you get more charm from your usage without any additional weight over its predecessors. Moreover, Apple is offering bigger screen size, i.e., 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively and that’s a reason for many gamers to cherish.

Nothing can go well these days without flaunting a selfie. The Iphone6 and Iphone6+, both have surprisingly maintained the same 8 megapixel camera that was seen on the 5S. However, the newly added features to them, namely-Focus Pixels and True Tone flash are expected to add to the quality of the pictures and videos you shoot. The front-facing FaceTime HD camera has received a new capability in the form of a new sensor with an f2.2 aperture that lets in 81% more light. Now this will satisfy many photo frenzy users.

With all the good performance and camera usage, the next attention goes to the battery life it can sustain. Well, there is a clear surge in this property between the two smartphones. Hopefully, it also requires shelling some extra cash.

Audio            Video            WiFi            LTE

Iphone6            50             11                11                    10

Iphone6+            80            14              12                  12

*Data in hours


Finally, about the various options available with its memory will decide how much you can store as these phones have a legacy of not using memory cards. This is a major differentiator as it largely decides the cost of the phone as well. The iPhone 6 will have 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB variants for $199, $299, and $399 respectively. On the other hand, iPhone 6+ will be available in the same storage capacities for $299, $399, and $499, respectively.

Note: The prices are totally dependent on our personal research,they may vary.

The World with GPS

world with gps

It’s the world with GPS. You may think that we have a fleet of more than thirty satellites hovering around in the space with nothing better to do but to help us find our way to the most favorite restaurant or a grocery store. Definitely this is not the only use we make of our GPS system. Due to its free global availability and accuracy of timing and positioning, that all combined with lost cost of receiver chipsets has evolved GPS navigation the go to solution in more than one civilian applications.

Recently we have seen GPS receivers coming up in mostly all the new higher end mobile phones coming up and we often use this facility to locate our ways around the city or may be find some place of use, but this all this facility could be made use of.

Let’s just look in to the account that apart from sophisticated military applications, what other ways we could use this facility.

  • Prevention of theft: Due to the low cost of the receiver chip set, it could be installed on the precious goods, like expensive paintings, jewelry box, vehicles. And even if some unfortunate day you get robbed, there are fair chances that your material could be traced with the help of a GPS system
  • Safety of women and elderly: some areas as we know have proved to be unsafe for women, if she has a GPS tracking device in her purse, it could prove to be a life saver in adverse conditions, and not only that but it could be a life saver for elderly as well, due to it emergency call ability and location tracking our elderly could gain attention if they happen to fall out somewhere due to ill health and be helped quickly.
  • For Hiking and Camping: often Hikers and campers venture around in unchartered areas where they often don’t even receive mobile phone signals, there, with the help of GPS, they can not only find new place and mark them for further recreation but they can also be recovered if they happen to get lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

These are just few of the areas covered, though we have come a long way with GPS, literally, but there are many horizons still which need to be covered and explored. Scientists around the world are working on making the use of this application on altogether on a different realm. However, as if now, we may carelessly wander around and could have a cup of coffee anywhere we feel like, without fearing of getting lost, as far as we have a GPS receiver blinking!

Dwindling Supercomputing



All of us know the frustration of landing up a call to a customer service center and dealing with an automated interface. They work well enough, but it takes some effort.  After repeating yourself a few times, you find yourself wishing that you can just punch your answers in or talk to someone at the other end of the line that is at least not an android with a heavy accent.

Therein lays the next great hot potato of computing.  While we used to wait for our desktop computers to process our commands and then lingered for what seemed like an eternity for web pages to load, we now struggle with natural language interfaces that just can’t quite work like we’d like them to.

Welcome to the next phase of computing. Companies ranging from IBM to Google to Microsoft are racing to combine natural language processing with huge data systems in the cloud that we can access from anywhere. These systems will know us better than our best friends and debtors, but will also be connected to the entire Web of Things as well as the collective sum of all spick and span of human knowledge.


As we sail through the times the computer are becoming more and more human driven, when they first appeared, they occupied the whole room and on this very day we can find teenagers playing with them sitting right around the corner in of the room with a tiny hand held device. Now, computers themselves are disappearing.  They’re embedded invisibly into the Web of Things, into no-touch interfaces and into our daily lives.

That’s why technology companies are becoming increasingly consumer driven, investing in things like native content to get us onboard their platform, from which we will sign onto massively online services to entertain and educate ourselves.

The future of technology is, ironically, all too human!


Bone Dry! Android threats.

As we reckon on the usage of our mobile devices, these days we use them in all possible ways, save the most vulnerable data, access personal as well as commercial applications and in some way or the other quite often do banking on the same. But do we really think that all that systems are without blemish? Well we all are a little leery about this one perhaps!

bone dryYou expect your apps and personal data to still be in your Android after an operating system upgrade, but the updating mechanism that allows that has a new class of privilege escalation vulnerabilities, which security researchers warn “pose serious threats to billions of Android users” who update their systems. Basically flaws in Android’s program logic to install updates could allow a bad app to gain godlike permission to take control of your Android device, from hijacking your Google account, sending text messages, accessing voicemail, formatting removable storage, to stealing your passwords for a banking site. When talking about the flaws that affect all the android devices worldwide, the researchers used words like dangerous, dire and devastating.

While OS upgrades often close security holes, a team of explained  that vulnerabilities in the Android Package Management Service (PMS) will allow a “seemingly harmless malicious app” to “automatically acquire significant capabilities without users’ consent once they upgrade” to a newer version of Android.” They call the vulnerabilities Pileup flaws, for privilege escalation through updating, and identified six such flaws in Android OS code

“A distinctive feature of the threat is that the attack is not aimed at a vulnerability in the current system,” wrote the researchers. “Instead, it exploits the flaws in the updating mechanism of the ‘future’ OS, which the current system will be upgraded to.” Successfully exploiting these logic flaws when you upgrade to a newer OS could have “devastating consequences.”

This bring us to a vague understanding that no matter how overwhelming, over board and guarded the virtual world around may look, but inside this capsule we are not completely protected and bone dry from the moisture of threats!

A Cyclonic Trend of Adding Location in your every Ad

A Cyclonic Trend of Adding Location in your every Ad

Do you know about Location Extensions? Techfreak has come up with a striking update. Adding location to your every ad not only advertise your brand but converts to some huge quantity of potential customers. Let us know how:

  1. What makes customers to search online? Of course information! And majority of them are looking out for driving directions, store hours, and products and services available at local businesses. Hitting such audience by publicizing your location in every possible way is like grabbing the whole nine yards of opportunity.
  2. You might have already included your local business information using campaign-level location extensions in ads on Google Search and Maps. Now, there’s an easier way to do this at account level. You can manage all of your business addresses using Google My Business (formerly Google Places for Business). Then, link your Google My Business and AdWords accounts to automatically display relevant business location information in all of your AdWords campaigns.



  1. 1.    Less of the efforts and more of the business.

Location extension were to be built for each ad previously where as now, you can set up upgraded location extensions at the account level and they will automatically be enabled for all ads in your AdWords account.

  1. 2.    Hassle-free optimization.

The addresses of the business you link to your AdWords account can also be used for location targeting and bid adjustments.

Not all AdWords professional might be aware of this magical tip and hence it requires some brilliant minds to get it started.

Boosting Business capabilities with ERP in Mobile Systems

Boosting Business capabilities with ERP in Mobile Systems


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a set of applications that help a business manage their activities in real time. These applications when availed to its employees for tracking their functions from mobile platforms help in massively increasing the efficiency.

ERP in mobile systems offers the following features-

sage_erpSupply Chain Monitoring: The production and operations team integration can be made possible with these systems. This helps in bringing immediate notice to potential problems arising in the supply chains of a product. Transit problems and breakdown of machinery and issues that can affect the coordination of the supply chain and its implications can be quickly visualized.

These can be of help in allowing managers monitor each process and take better decisions. Changes to work orders and deliveries due to problems and alternate arrangements to tackle the same can be facilitated. Thus, every individual is able to quickly pass information using Mobile ERPs and this streamlines an activity resulting in better outcomes.

Marketing: ERP systems when availed to marketing personnel can help in judging the availability of the resource and foresee the profits from a deal. The need to analyse the deal from their office/ work desk can be eliminated. With all information available on a mobile platform, it can help them in predicting if the customer expectations can be met. With all the vital information at the fingertips, lack of information during any situation can be completely avoided.

Productivity Improvement: Since all workers are mobile and connected. Downtimes in processes can be reduced. As with all tools and materials available in hand, any worker can take up or support processes activities.

Happier Employees: These systems can greatly help in reducing the burden of employees in managing their expenses and holidays. Information can be passed on from anyplace and anytime and the alternate measures can be immediately initiated. Thus, this also results in a reduction of burden from the various Human Resource management teams.

ERP in Mobile Systems can be expensive to configure and thus are a difficult decision for any organization. However, the benefits of these are immense in boosting business capabilities. Though low on the Return on Investments, the ERP systems can help in building confidence within the organization. All these actively help in ensuring better service and confidence of the consumer and clients.


A Boon to an Ever Growing Market of Applications

Techfreak- A Boon to an Ever Growing Market of Applications

A Boon to an Ever Growing Market of Application

For all those novice photographers who love to treat their mobile phones as DSLRs, keeping and managing photos could be taxing and sometime gets nerve crunching hectic. At times it gets fussier if you have to manage between personal and not so personal content.

And it is not out of point to mention that the default image gallery application on entry and mid range phones tends to become slow if you have a huge lot of photos.

How about a sane solution in the form of an application which is fast, lightweight, classic yet modern and an ideal alternative album application for all your beloved photos, which comes for all android platforms as well as the for all the wide spread user platforms available which is clean and free, precisely it means that it doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions.

Let us about its specifications:

  • Supports almost all online album services (Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, etc.)
  • List thousands of pictures in a flash, find new pictures instantly
  • Moments: Group photos by time and location
  • View and slide show your Photos with the best quality, clearer than other apps
  • Include or exclude specified folders for more efficient scanning
  • Easily hide your photos and videos from all gallery apps’ scanner, protect them with a password.
  • Play GIFs and videos
  • Smooth experience: sliding shift or switch, pinch, double tap (and drag) to zoom
  • Internal picture editor which allows you to rotate, shrink, crop pictures, set wallpaper with best quality freely
  • Powerful file management features, including sort, rename, create new folders, moving and copying pictures
  • Optimized for large screens, such as tablets


Can a Single Application be a One-Stop Solution for all Services?

With the emerging market of Mobile Applications, the boom has been binding upon almost every industry covering all types of businesses to own a representative and interactive on the go mobile application.

Application for BusniessMany are already responding to the crunch while others have established hefty identity. Now the question arises, ‘what next’? Who has the potential to serve an answer cum latest technology to this question? Is there anything innovative left in the market?

Well, the answer to all the above screeching questions is just one- a potent compilation of all sorts of services under one application. You must be pondering over an obvious query whether is it possible? Yes folks it is! With Techfreak Communication, assembling all services under one roof with easy navigation and precise data is possible. Techfreak Communication is well versed to design a One-Stop Solution application making use of integrated softwares.

Are you an owner of a business where diversified products and services with multiple branches are dealt upon every day?

Are you finding it difficult to manage all at once, serving every customer coming your way without losing out on any essential marketing tool?

Considering the fact that communication brings strength to any relationship, we enable reciprocative applications from idle surfing to probable shopping, from bookings to payments, or just simply gather the useful information. Such types of applications work on the convenience of both- business owners and customers with every bit of data just a finger touch away.

One-Stop Solution applications leave no room for users to navigate away from the source as they get their criteria in a way or other served.

Why ERP is essential in business?

  1. Shared, central, and validated data ensures that there is no any reconciliation requirement and a lot of internal communications
    and confusions are saved that are common in companies not having integrated system
  2. Business rule module ensures adherence to set business rules. Thus a purchase order will just not be possible to release if it is exceeding budgetary constraints. No manual efforts are needed to observe this.
  3. ‘Instant Reporting’ and ‘Visibility into operations’ make operational decisions proactive and in time.
  4. Workflow and synchronization across departments reduce business cycle times. No ‘Follow-up’ or ‘Chasing’is needed for a task.
    A time-based control on tasks can highlight delayed tasks immediately to seniors.
  5. Connecting from anywhere makes transactions and business flows faster.
  6. Extended interfaces allow better communication and ‘Self service’ to business associates. Thus a customer can view his own
    pending orders, dispatch details, statement of accounts etc. A field officer can log a new order or a complaint over Internet.
    Inquiry, quotation, ordering, supply, purchase, – all can be done on web with instant validation. This end-to-end synchronized approach
    puts the business operations at speeds like never before. There is no back and forth communication.
  7. Capability to interface with compliant digital instruments facilitates easy capture of process data and assists in automation.